MO Intro Infographic

We have created an infographic to introduce the Multiʻōlelo Initiative which has been translated into several languages. Please share it with your colleagues and friends. If it is not availabe in your languages yet, please help us translate it.

<Google Drive of MO Intro Infographics in Google Slides, PNG, PDF>

MO Review Checklist

The MO Team have developed a checklist to evaluate research summary in written plain language focusing on two criteria: accuracy and accessibility. You can download and use it as a rubric for your assignments in courses you teach.

MO Assignment Templates

Are you an instructor? If you want to integrate research communication into your course. Here is a template you can adopt or adapt. An extra credit option is also available

<Link to Google Document>

MO Papers & Reviews

Download and read our concept paper and annual review below

Read our concept paper in RG

MO Guidelines & Tools

Review Guideline & Podcast Guideline (To be updated)